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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live. local. late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. >> is far different from yesterday. the extreme weather yesterday knocked our out. -- power out.
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so far, they have restored power to more than 21,000 customers. at last check, about 500 remain without power tonight. let's look at this waterspout sent to us by ulocal viewer alex. during the storm in prince george's county, more than one dozen people were injured as they rushed for the exits worry county fair was being held in washington, d.c., with strong wayne -- strong rain. northern virginia and d.c. was also hit hard. fairfax county says a tornado touched down around 4:00. nearly 150,000 customers lost power. more than 1000 people were enjoying a concert at the jazz
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festival when they were told to get out. vendors frantically tried to pack up and find shelter. >> next thing you know, it just hit. they told uso pack up. next thing we knew -- >> tables were flying. shares, merchandize, people running. >> one person was injured when a stage at the festival collapsed. what the difference a day makes. john collins joins us now. you could not be more different. >> we dodged a bullet. today, everyone in the mid- atlantic region is enjoying nearly perfect conditions. a few clouds in the sky this afternoon. it makes this guy look more interesting. right now, but the mix of clouds and sun that we will call part of plea cloudy. -- partly cloudly.
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dew point is low. humidity is down and a north, northwest breeze. the green shades show the cooler air filtering in through the mid-atlantic region and northeast of the great lakes giving us tremendous weather today. it will stick around for awhile. how long? we will talk about the insta- weather + forecast coming up. >> right now, a ceremony is under way to honor yeardly love. there dedicating a turf field to her. her mother is expected to speak shortly. she was beaten to death by her former boyfriend, george hugely. we will have much more after the game. the body of a 24-year-old man found floating in the susquehanna river, the family
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was actually at the police station reporting him missing when someone called to report finding his body. right now, no signs of foul play, but police are still investigating. a car hits a bus head on leaving one man dead. it happened on eighth avenue near crain highway and we're told the driver of the car somehow crossed over the center line and into an oncoming lane when a car crash with the no. 14 mta bus. there were taken to the hospital and they are in stable condition. the bus driver and eight passengers were treated for minor injuries. speed was likely a factor. new details tonight after a security guard was killed during a bar brawl. it happened at this bar. they found the man responsible named haywood, one of several people involved in the fight.
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what is being called a freak accident leaving an off-duty police officer dead saturday morning. he fell off the side of interstate 95. we're told he was 29 years old and an aberdeen police department k-9 officer. there were people on a party boss parked on the shoulder. at some point, he got off the bus and fell nearly 50 feet to the ground below. >> a great police officer, a great neighbor. there are other people in this neighborhood that are upset by the news. >> he recently was assigned to the dog unit program. tonight, a 31-year-old man is recovering after someone shot him in the groin. it happened in northeast baltimore.
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the suspect took off after the shooting. right now, no word on them motive. a man and shot and killed late last night. right now, we're told the is 38-years old and was rushed to shock trauma. you know anything, you are asked to call410-396-2100. the orioles had a chance to take full possession of first place today with more than 40,000 fans and a beautiful day at camden yards. >> it was a great opportunity to for sure, but after losing nick markakis last by a broken thumb, it's not surprising the birds seemed down today. he continued his amazing streak against new york. an rbi single in the fourth putting the orioles within two runs. he has been taunted the yankees
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all season long. the bronx bombers and did it all lots a day. even derek jeter got in on the action. 13-3. they now trail by one game in the standings. >> our guys are disappointing little bit on the day. we will regroup over the much deserved off day for our guys. we will see where we are. >> later, we will hear from some of the players about how they're trying to move on after losing nick markakis. >> a bunch of people have to be rescued. we have the details on this one. trading jabs at the political convention means the campaigns are unleashed. are unleashed.
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>> 19 people arrested from the potomac river after their boat overturned. everyone was rescued and no one was hurt. it flipped on the bridge connecting d.c. to northern virginia. the presidential candidates are tweaking their message and sharpening their attacks on each other. president obama and romney treated bounce today. we have a brand more with the story. mbrian mooar with teh story. >> the west palm beach pizza store owner is a registered republican but his fans and the president.
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>> are you a power lifter or what? ronny opted for a slightly quieter fun opportunity when the focus was on the economy. >> this president has not been able to deliver on his promises. >> when the opponent goes around saying the nation is in decline, he does not know what he's talking about. >> the president defended his own economic record while defending. >> they could not answer questions about how they would pay for $5 trillion in new tax cuts and $2 trillion in defense spending without raising taxes on the middle class. that's not bold leadership. that's bad mouth. >> i am bringing down the rate of taxation but also deductions and exemptions that the high-end server revenues stay the same period clocks and other sunday on the campaign trail for obama and romney, two regular guys
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with one goal in common. beating the other guy. brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. take a look at all the smoke the details of this wildfire next. >> as far the weather is concerned, some sprinkles up in the mountains to the north, plenty of sunshine here. a pleasant forecast coming up. details in a moment. 76 at the airport officially. 78 at the inner harbor.
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>> a fire burning in sacramento, this is the barrier with rugged terrain. more than 3,200 acres are up in flames. it is only about 10% contained. they lifted an evacuation order, but about 350 homes and out buildings are still in the path of the fire. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with john collins. >> a terrific day out there. if you clouds popped up this afternoon. those same clouds up north with a few isolated showers. it does not appear to have any thunder or lightning. here is a disturbance up in canada. pennsylvania, new york state, they are closer to the disturbance of they will be able to bring those showers.
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the main rain has moved out to sea and we are in great shape. let's see what happened today temperature-wise. 79 was the high at the airport. 59 the lower earlier. by midnight, we will be close to that again. we should be in the upper 50's. 81 is a typical high. that is the target temperature of the next few days. the record today, 94 back in 1985. the box many 100's in anymore. the average low is 60. we're not going to be all but close to the record lows this week, but we are closer than we have been. on the boardwalk, 75. beautiful down there. park to an already downed 71. temperatures are beginning to fall off. frederick, 77. it really dry atmosphere.
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there is this area of high pressure that will be with us during the evening hours ending in. august has cleaned out. no storms nearby. there are some storms in the pacific northwest. this is a going away. again, this disturbance in canada will go away. tomorrow, that will t exist like it does today. everything is clean out for two- thirds of the country. the only unsettled is out in the mountains and along the west coast and then offshore. we really have a good forecast that will last a while. overnight tonight, clear skies, cooler than usual. 52-58 overnight with a light northeast, northwest breeze. temperatures dropping tonight and you can see some chillier readings out in the 40's in the west. tomorrow, temperatures rising, but only into the 70's. we do not expect to blast beyond
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that. 76-80 tomorrow. sonny, pleasant, at sunrise 6:44. the days are short man down. everyone getting some sun tomorrow. the ghoulish places will be in the mountains. northwest wind with a two foot job on the open water with a small craft advisory at least through the open waters. for the ravens game, calling for a pair weather and temperatures falling through the '70s. dry weather tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. getting into the low 80's. no rain is really expected until the end of the weekend. even then, it's only a chance. >> good weather for the game tomorrow and a much-needed day off. >> we will see how well the orioles can bounce back after losing nick markakis.
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>> from the susquehanna bank sport center, this is an 11 sports. >> the orioles earning the split of the series in new york. not much of a celebratory feeling today in camden yards. nick markakis out for at least six weeks after suffering a broken thumb last night. he has been exceptional over the last month but had no command that it falling apart in the fourth walking in not one but two runs. he did not finish the fourth inning. down 5-0. bettamie in as the designated
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hitter. no more offense for baltimore and not much pitching. the yankees unleashed a torrent of runs. they lost 13-3. a day off on monday. >> we lost tonight, but we're still in a good place. >> speaking of and above, in other plays trying to make up some ground. posting the rangers. b.j. upton had himself a day. 20 of the of the season. in the sixth, often gets the hat trick for blackjack. 21st of the year. an incredible talent. the only needed one of those
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home runs. he went the distance. tampa, 6-0 over first-place texas. the yankees are back in first alone. orioles' one game back. all three of the day off on monday. orioles and raise will get together for three games starting tuesday. -- orioles and the rays on monday. 22 games left. the ravens final walk-through ended today with a visit from an, dolly. the tweeted out pictures with the champion. -- a visit from muhammed ali. caldwellore loose than had been working with peyton. it shows flexibility to just now take control of the offense. >> turning the job in cleveland
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with the browns hosting the eagles today. begin to trend richardson, a first-round draft pick. dumptruck. helmet destroying that 9-yard run. former terp, jackson with a pick 6. 4 interceptions on the date for michael vick. vick, this one on target, a touchdown pass with 1 minute 18 seconds left. the factory of sadness live on in cleveland, 17-16 eagles. rg3, what a debut. first quarter -- this is the red spends debut for also this player. -- redskins debut. gone, 88 yards. skins up 10-7. 3rd and goal.
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this did not flinch. 19 of 26, 2 td's and stunning the saints 40-32. much more tonight in sports. the ravens countdown is coming up tonight after 11 news after the game. we will see you then.
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>> the tallest volcano in nicaragua is erupting. it has spewed a plume of ash 2.5 miles high. now reports of injury or damage so far. they're just concerned for the health of local residents. >> outstanding weather. great football weather tomorrow night. high of 78 tomorrow. we will still be in the 70's when the game starts. low humidity next week. you cannot stop it. >> a collective high five. thanks for joining us. we will see you after the game. have a good night.
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